About us


Our company in Latvia represents the UK hygiene technology leader Holchem Laboratories Ltd. Holchem produces high quality detergents and disinfectants for applications in food processing industries and for other companies in the sector, what follow high purity standards and strive to add real value to customers away from basic chemical supply, for example – Hygiene Management System (HMS).
Due to our company long-standing cooperation with Holchem, we provide high quality detergents, disinfectants, cleaning equipment for the food-processing companies in Latvia and also we provide a high level of service which includes:

  • Cleaning program;

  • Audits;

  • Training;

  • Technical service;

  • Consultings;

  • Skilled, trained and experienced consultants from Holchem.

We provide service to our customers, what is an added value for detergents and disinfectants. Orders are also free delivery at least once a week, anywhere in the territory of Latvia.