Dezinfekcijas lidzekli holchem
 IMPACT QF Biocīdu inv.nr. LV08032018/2093
impact Concentrated low foaming detergent disinfectant. Can be used for the equipment, utensils and other surface cleaning – disinfecting. Suitable for use by hands, sprayers or in soak baths. Excellent detergency and cleaning power against light to medium soiling.

Use rate: 1-5%
pH:7.0-8.0 (3% solution).
Available pack size: 25kg, 5kg
 ULTRA SECURE LIQUID  Biocīdu inv.nr. LV08032018/2093
alcosan Alcosan is ready for use based on a quaternary ammonium biocide combined with an alcohol. Can be used for sensitive equipment, utensils, electronics panels, weighing scales, etc. surface cleaning – disinfecting. It is suitable for cleaning / disinfection in sensitive areas where moisture must be minimised. Alcosan is suitable to aid removal of some solvent based adhesives and inks.

Use rate: Ready for use
Available pack size: 25kg, 5kg
 TRIBAC  Biocīdu inv.nr. LV08032018/2093
HOLQUAT Concentrated, based on a Quaternary Ammonium Chloride Biocide (QAC) medium foaming disinfectant. Can be used for the equipment, utensils and other surface cleaning – disinfecting. Designed for use by hands, sprayers, foggers or in soak baths. Holquat is suitable for disinfecting food contact surfaces. Can be used for cleaning lightly soiled food contact surfaces.

Use rate: 1-3 %
pH:10.5-11.5 (1% solution)
Available pack size: 25kg, 5kg